hello. my name is mia (you can call me mimi) and im 18 years old, i like videogames and technology. i live in a small town in serbia (hell) and i am kinda gay. Life is pretty boring for me right now, i graduated this year and now i am a computer technician which is pretty cool i guess... but there isn't much to do here.

i am a big fan of music, i've been listening to it ever since i was a kid. it has always been there for me on stressful days to make everything better. these are some of my favorite albums.

i have struggled with depression almost all my life, antidepressants didn't seem to help so i gave up on pills for now. recently i met someone who is very special to me and things seem to be improving slowly but surely.

i don't want to make this too long and i'm not great at writing things so like ummm maybe say hi to me on discord and maybe check out some of the albums i like. oh also, play disco elysium.

lain pizza game